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Our Groups

Find out more about the clan’s customs, cultures, and traditions. Information acquired from our forums allows you to better help members of the NGWA.

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Committee Members

Get to know the individuals behind the success of NGWA National Association USA. You may reach out to them and find out how you can be part of the association.

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Our Forums

Don’t hesitate to participate in our forum discussion and share your thoughts on NGWA politics, economics, developments, and education.

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National Council Directory

Get to know the entire local branched and all their representations and contact information.

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NGWA National Association USA welcome

Our association is dedicated to improving the lives of NGWA communities across the US and all over the world. We are committed to finding the best solutions that help NGWA immigrants achieve better living situations and more opportunities for a better education.

Who We Are?
NGWA National Association USA is an incorporated non-profit cultural and education association. The NNAUSA membership is made up of NGWA immigrants across the United States and Canada. The NGWAs are an extraction of the Igbo people of Abia State Nigeria, one of the major ethnic groups in South East Nigeria.

NGWA National Association USA what we do

Our mission is to improve NGWA communities across the United States and all over the world, offering them a chance at a bright and prosperous future. We seek to provide members of this clan with the ideal education, allowing them to achieve their full potential and become who they want to be.

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